New Ecopsychology
or Spiritual Ecology

How Dobrynya Defeated an Idol

Dobrynya was riding along the land, gathering a small host. He recruited those who were bold and strong in spirit and instructed them how to perform the Heroic service. Dobrynya taught them the Heroic commandments:

The first commandment was to create Good on the Earth, live not for oneself but for people and act not as one wants, but as God wills.

The second commandment was to raise great Heroic Power and fight against enemies not with anger and aggression, but with Love and Calm.

The third commandment was to obtain Wisdom in order to be able to distinguish righteously the good and the evil — so as not to destroy an innocent, not to embitter a guilty person but to change and heal this person, multiplying the forces of Good and directing all people towards the light of Love.

… Dobrynya was riding and looking into the distance. He was thinking: “Where is the next feat that I should accomplish today?”

Suddenly, he saw an empty idol. People that lived around worshiped this idol, bringing rich offerings to it. They thought in this way it would protect them from their enemies, make the rain fall, heal the sick, and multiply their harvest… They prostrated themselves in fear before this empty statue, praying it for mercy…

And during the nights, the idol sparked with its fiery eyes and spoke with a terrible voice, promising punishment to all those who would disobey…

A little man lived near the idol. He accepted all the offerings, dictated the rules on behalf of the idol, and demanded the obedience from others…

That little man himself used all the offerings given to the idol, and his power over people was great…

Dobrynya was surprised and then became sad, seeing that people did not address living God-the-Father but the empty idol instead.

He began asking people why they worshiped the empty statue.

People answered to him:

“Our parents and grandparents lived in this way, and we teach our children to fear and obey the idol. God about Whom you speak is not seen, and thus, is unknown to us, but the idol is right here, and it will punish the disobedient ones! We are afraid even to hear you! It is better for you to leave this place to avoid troubles!”

Only a few of the most daring ones said to Dobrynya:

“Show us that the idol is empty inside, and we will believe you!”

Dobrynya gathered the bold ones around him, and they went to the idol.

The little man ran to meet them. He threatened everyone who would come close to the idol with a terrible retribution and promised death and eternal suffering after it. He uttered terrible oaths!…

Dobrynya smiled, raised his shield quietly — and the anger of the little man reflected back to him. He ran away in fear barely alive…

Dobrynya showed the daring ones that the idol was empty inside. He explained to them that the little man came here during the nights, set fire — and the idol’s eyes glittered horribly. The little man read aloud the inscription carved on the walls by his ancestors — and the emptiness inside the idol buzzed, creating an inhuman voice…

Then the daring ones began to ask Dobrynya:

“You have showed us the emptiness there. Well, now show us God-the-Father!”

Dobrynya answered to them:

“God-the-Father is the Parent and Creator of everything. He is everywhere!

“Look at the beautiful trees, green grass, fluffy mosses, fragrant flowers, distant hills, blue sky, and the radiant sun! Let the souls become filled with the gratitude for such beauty, created by the Divine Father!

“He is everywhere — and He has neither limits nor barriers! He is where distant mountains are! He is where the blue sea is! He is where high forests are! He is where you are! He is where I am! The door to the world of God-the-Father opens in the human heart filled with love for our common Parent! There — He is seen like the Pure Light, shining brighter than the sun! There — everyone can hear Him, because He is the Loving Father for everyone!”

“How can we learn to hear God-the-Father?”

“The first thing you need to learn is to listen to the silence: listen to it in the heart full of love. You can also listen to the trees — how they rustle with their leaves, or to the chirring of grass-hoppers on a far meadow… You can listen to the songs of birds in the blue sky above the land…

“You can listen to Mother-the-Earth and submerge yourselves into Its gentle calm… You can hear how our Mother-the-Earth sings lullabies… It caresses everything and everyone, embraces, cradles, and gives Its power… The light of the Earth gently lulls all creatures and is ready to fill them with the power of love…

Then — if you listen in the silence of your open and huge spiritual heart — God’s words will be heard clearly. Just ask — and at once you will hear the answer, and God’s Light will embrace you with His Love!… In this way, God-the-Father fills with His Love all those sons and daughters who have cognized Him.”

The daring ones were amazed! The doors to their spiritual hearts opened a bit. They saw the Pure Light, shining brighter than the sun, and felt the Love of God-the-Father!

They told all other people about what happened. And people began to ask Dobrynya to free them of the idol.

Dobrynya unsheathed His shining sword and cut down the idol like a rotten tree. In this moment, all people saw the emptiness inside… And there was no more fear before the idol in humans.

Dobrynya began to tell everyone about God-the-Father and teach how to fill oneself with the heart love, in order to be able to see and hear the Parent-Creator. He also taught how to keep the commandments of Love and Good and to live happily on the beautiful Earth.

He taught the daring ones even more. He taught how to love other people, how to protect them, teach, fulfill God’s precepts totally, accumulate kind power and become a Hero.

Thus more Heroes appeared on the Earth.

… And Dobrynya rode further.

Dobrynya was riding along the land, gathering a small host. He recruited those who were bold and strong in spirit and instructed them how to perform the Heroic service.

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