New Ecopsychology
or Spiritual Ecology

A New Untold Bylina About How You Became a Hero…

This is the new bylina that should be written by you, reader or listener!

This is the new bylina that you should compose with your life!

This is the new bylina that should be transformed by you into reality!

Thus the Book of Existence of the Earth is written.

It is your turn to become a Hero: to obtain Love, Wisdom, and Power, to help the good, to stop the evil everywhere, and to transform life on the Earth with love and patience!

Your morning is coming!

Your sun is rising!

Morning! The night passed, the day has come!

Morning! The sun is rising above the land!

“Morning! Morning!” — an owl hooted and flew to sleep.

“The sun is rising and giving life to everything!” — a robin is singing.

A snipe flew to the sky, and its song began to flow from there:

“The sky is pure! The land is beautiful! I see the endless expanse!”

The snipe flew down, singing with its tail:

“I love my land!”

… Every day is like this from century to century: the sun rises, the day comes!

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