New Ecopsychology
or Spiritual Ecology

What Our Children Dream About?

I want, when I will be an adult, to become a traveler and travel around the entire world. I also would like to study aqueous depths, to help rare animals to survive, to protect nature.

I wish to myself that this dream come true!

Polina Novitskaya , 10 years

I am 5 years old already but have not done anything in my life yet!

Zhenya Ivanov, 5 years

I love trips to the forest. In the forest, sometimes I observe the nature, sometimes — I am bored, and my mood goes bad. I am bored, when I forget to live in anahata and to shine.

Some people do not know the meaning of their lives.

Yet I want all people to love God!

I love God very much!

Zhenya Shtil, 7 years

I want to merge with God — and then I would remain in the bliss and give people love and happiness!

I also want very much to have a computer!!!

I live on the Earth in order to love and become perfect! I want this but don't do much.

To realize what I want, I need to really love and to develop myself.

I also wish love and perfection both to people and animals!

Sasha Zubkov, 13 years


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