New Ecopsychology
or Spiritual Ecology


Published by
New Atlanteans (Canada),

ISBN: 978-1-8975-1016-2

© Antonov V.V., 2008

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Completion of the Path

The scheme for studying the structure of the Absolute which can be found in the end of this book (it was first published in the book [10]) depicts the multidimensional nature of the universe as well as positional relationships of the unstructured (akasha) and structured (matter, individual souls as well as forms that the Holy Spirit accepts) Manifestations of the Absolute.

At the same time we should understand that the structure of the human organism is also multidimensional. The words from the Bible that God created man according to His image are about this and nothing else.

In the incarnate state, people in the beginning identify themselves only with the body. But the process of spiritual self-realization implies gradual cognition of the remaining components of the human organism, gaining the ability to move freely with the concentration of the consciousness within them — just like one can learn how to shift the self-awareness within the physical body. In this way one cognizes Atman. And then Atman merges into Paramatman.

This is the task that man should try to accomplish.

At that, when one enters with the concentration of the consciousness into the Abode of the Creator and merges with Him there, he or she becomes an essential part of Him.*

Coming out again from the Abode into the world of the Creation, He or She turns into the Holy Spirit.

Embodied on the Earth with a sacrificial mission of helping embodied people, He or She becomes a Messiah.