New Ecopsychology
or Spiritual Ecology

Parable about the Master
Casting no Shadows

“Shadow cannot fall on the source of light!”


There were times when many Sufi schools flourished, and people, looking for wisdom, went from one master to another, choosing the one from whom they would like to learn.

Once some young men who decided to go on a journey and find a great and wise sheikh gathered.

They discussed different stories about those teachers about whom they had heard remarkable legends and were impressed most of all by the legend of the Master Who was so perfect that He even cast no shadows!

So they went to Him to become His disciples.

They expected to see a wonderful man — a magician who was endowed with great abilities and knowledge by the Grace of Allah.

* * *

When the travelers approached the house of the Master, He was standing at the gate. It seemed that He was waiting for them.

The Master kindly welcomed the travelers.

The sun was shining, and to the disappointment of the seekers, the shadow of His body followed obediently its every movement…

Now the young men did not know what to do…

However, the Master cordially invited them to enter, saying:

“I knew that I would have some visitors over for lunch and prepared a meal. Don’t upset Me, please, and eat here with Me! You have made a long journey and are tired! Your efforts should be rewarded!”

To avoid hurting Him and to hide their disappointment, the young men agreed thinking that they would continue their journey and searches after having a rest.

They washed their hands near a spring and began their meal with the Master.

“You, probably, were told nonsense about Me,” — said the Master, looking at them knowingly. — “But it isn’t worth believing everything that people say! It is better to seek the Truth!

“A lot of legends are fabricated about each Master Who works to help people. It is said about Me too that I can do whatever I want, that I can heal any illness and return the dead to life… Rumors love to crowd around the Truth!

“Yet I never can do only that which people wish! I always do only that which Allah wishes, and the happiness of My life consists in the fact that My will and the Will of Allah do not differ anymore. I am just a humble executor of His Will.”

* * *

When the young men made themselves comfortable in a garden to take a rest after the meal, a sick person came to the Master. His body was covered with scabs.

As the Master spoke with him, his face gradually became brighter and brighter. A smile blossomed on it. The understanding increased, and the love for Allah and for all beings in the Creation began to shine in his heart.

He thanked the Master, bowed low, and walked to the gate… Suddenly his skin became clean!

Shocked by that miraculous healing, he came back and thanked the Master once again with tears in his eyes, hardly believing what had happened…

The young men were amazed…

“Forgive us!” — they said — “We were wrong! You are a great Healer and the One Who knows human souls! Tell us how You do this!”

“I helped this man to understand and see the cause of his disease. When the cause is recognized and eliminated through the right understanding and repentance, it is not difficult to heal the body as well.

“If the shadow of the past is erased with the help of repentance and correct understanding of how one should live and act, then it is possible, by removing the cause, to change its consequences.

“Every action and every thought of a person leaves traces in the Absolute. Sometimes such traces are dark, sometimes light, sometimes deep, and sometimes very insignificant. Whatever the case may be, everything that one did in the past has its influence on one’s present destiny, while the way one thinks and acts now will have an effect on one’s future destiny.

“Yet every one of us has the ability to purify and transform himself or herself as a soul, thus coming closer to the Purity of Allah!

“We can really purify ourselves from the dark shadows of the past! In this case, our lives will change for the better!

“When such a transformation of the soul is reached, it becomes possible to heal the body as well.”

* * *

So it happened that the young men stayed with the Master and became His disciples.

Many years had passed since then. They learned to see the causes and effects of events, to cleanse the organs inside human bodies with the Light of Allah, to hear His instructions in the silence of their spiritual hearts, to feel that love for people which, among other things, impels one to help those who suffer. They also learned to preach Love and Truth…

… When, going to the world to serve people by the knowledge that they had received from the Master, they turned around — they saw Him standing at the gate of His house like in the first day they met. Behind His body, they could contemplate the shining Light, which was similar to the huge risen sun. That was the Light of Allah, flowing, illuminating and saturating all around. Indeed, no shadows were seen anywhere!

Now they could see this.

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