New Ecopsychology
or Spiritual Ecology


Working in the forest, we sometimes were accompanied by dogs, which we had never met before. At that, all such dogs were souls quite advanced in psychogenesis.

They behaved as if had known us for a long time, feeling quite comfortable with us. They fawned, played with us, and… watched with interest ours mediating. Sometimes, it seemed that they try to imitate us…

They accompanied us to the railway station and — as bidding farewell and thanking us for a good walk — they licked our hands and wagged the tail.
When we came to this place again, they behaved as if waited for us. Their joy was immense!


One of these dogs was especially lovely. It had a developed mind and very rich emotional sphere, as if this dog was made of spiritual heart alone! One could see in it the whole spectrum of variations of love!

We named it Ginger because of its dark-ginger muzzle. It accepted this name gladly.

Since then when discussing our plans of going to the forest, we would say jokingly about going to this place: “Let’s visit Ginger!”

For some time, we worked on places of power in this region quite often. And every morning, Ginger would meet us. From far distance we could see a small dot in the end of the road — it was our Ginger. As we were approaching, Ginger would change its posture from lying to sitting and begin to peer at our direction and wag slightly its tail. When it could discern clearly that it were us, it would rush at full speed toward us! Its tail would not just wag but rotate in circles! Around its body, Ginger carried a field of sincere joy and love! It would greet us all together and then — each one personally! Then it would run ahead of us knowing well to what place we go.

Once, when we came there after a long pause, it met us and for a long time snuggled at our feet; its body trembled of emotions of joy and weep: “You came, at last! I was so much missing you — my best friends!”

We loved it very much too, yet we could not go to this place always: other Divine Teachers waited us on other working sites — so They call Their places of power.

… Together with us, Ginger walked over the place of power of Divine Jeremy. We joked that it, too, became a Jeremy’s student: so uncommon was this dog.

Having joined our circle, it counted itself its member and even tried to imitate our behavior.

For example, Ginger tried to learn sitting on a log near us. At first, it tried to sit on the log by all four feet, but its front feet would slip from the log; then Ginger would sit by its hindquarters on the log and put the front feet on the ground.

Sometimes, imitating us, it would sit by one of us, not on soft moss but — as we did — on a camping foam pad and would shine with joy! — contented, smiling by all the consciousness!

Also Ginger always could choose the moment for rolling over and exposing its belly for us to pet. In such case, its muzzle would turn into a smile and Ginger itself would turn into intense bliss!… It would radiate this bliss to the person petting it and to everyone looking at them!…

… One day in spring, we came “to visit Ginger” — to videotape displaying black cocks.

We came in the evening to spend a night in the forest near a fire and to come to the displaying ground early morning, before sunrise.

Having come to the place of our stay in the forest, we sat down to have dinner. All of a sudden, the entire flock of black cocks came to that place and sat on the trees, right above us!

Ginger was startled! It began to bark at the back cocks and from time to time looked at us as if asking: “Why don’t you bark at them?! We have to bark! Bark together with me!…”

… However, that evening we were visiting not only Ginger but our Teacher Jeremy as well. Ginger’s behavior was so expressive that unwillingly we concentrated all our attention on the dog. Jeremy wanted to give us certain instructions, but could not engage us in conversation. Finally, He managed to do this and, laughing and turning into a smile, asked us jokingly: “Do I, too, have to wag a tail to attract your attention?!”

… So remarkable is our friend dog Ginger.

Peace to you, Ginger! We do not doubt that you — having passed the human stage of the development — will attain Divinity and enter the Abode of the Creator sooner than many people living now around you!

A Dog-Traveler

I would like to recall another remarkable dog. It joined us at a railway station in the city. It entered the car of the train, where we were, and sat near us on the seat.

When it was time for us to leave the train, the dog went out together with us, as if it was naturally. And then — it gladly followed us, exploring this new for it land.

It was a nice winter day. Puddles were covered by ice. What does a dog have to do in such a case if it feels thirsty? Our new friend quickly found a solution: it jumped by both front feet on a puddle until the ice breaks and water appears. It was so funny to observe the dog doing this!

It was a very provident dog, because all food, which we gave it, it “stored for the future”. For the first time, I saw how a dog digs a hole, puts the food into it, and then fills the hole with sand… using its nose!

This dog spent with us the whole day playing and running joyfully. In the evening, when we came back to the city, the dog left the car ahead of us and went… to another train: to continue its adventures, unattached to people who were its friends this day.