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Spiritual web sites:

The Meaning of Life — Why do we live on the Earth? What is the meaning of our lives? Where Is God and where can we find Him? What is man? What is love? How to gain health and happiness? How to learn to control emotions? What is the true religion? Find answers to these questions on this site.

Divine Way of Spiritual Heart — Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life. Methodology of spiritual development. (!!! We recommend !!!)

Metaphysics Colleges, Metaphysical University, Spiritual Enlightenment — Metaphysics Colleges, Metaphysical University, Spiritual Enlightenment, Metaphysical Degree, Metaphysical Education, Metaphysics Degree, Metaphysics, Meditation Techniques, Meditation Classes.

One God Site — This site includes quotations from sacred scriptures of many religions, mystical and theological writings, poetry, art. All who visit this site are encouraged to follow their respective religions, deepen the knowledge of their spiritual traditions and advance toward God through loving Him and one another.

SpiritFind — Spiritual Web Directory.

Heart Sanctuary — The Heart Sanctuary Organization is a non profit created for the purpose of educating and supporting the public to realize and benefit from the experience that living a heart centered life is the key to a calm, peaceful, healthy, joyful and fulfilled life.

Enlightenment — Enlightenment is about quieting the mind and existing in the present with what is. It is a state of pure being. You can explore the world of enlightenment with one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic, Dr. Robert Puff.

The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia


Nature Photographers

— Photography sites is a thematic photography directory with links to many great photographers online photo galleries. Here you will find great picture galleries featuring fine art, landscape, documentary, travel, stock, nature, digital, wildlife and fine art nude photo galleries. Each thematic category is ranked by the photographers websites popularity.

GJB photo — GJB Photo is an online photographic art gallery with over 150 beautiful photographs from Africa and Europe. GJB Photo has a highly sophisticated online gallery, a dynamic slide show, free screen savers, ecards, and desktop wallpaper to download.


EcoEarth — EcoEarth.Info is an environment portal and search engine that promotes environmental sustainability public policy; including climate, forests, water and oceans. — Free software for Windows

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