New Ecopsychology
or Spiritual Ecology

Vladimir Antonov

What does God think about ecology?

Translated from Russian by Mikhail Nikolenko

“I also want to tell about ecology. This is a very promising direction now. But people relate the word ecology only with the struggle against the pollution of the environment.

“Your task is to make the ecological direction of knowledge more broad and profound for the entire humanity! Let the knowledge about multidimensional space make people understand that it is not only material garbage that contaminates the environment, but one’s states of the soul also become imprinted in the space where one lives, making it either pure and harmonious or dirty and coarse!

“Let everyone living on the Earth accept this knowledge and the necessity of corresponding transformation of oneself as a norm of ethics similar to the norm of not dumping garbage in the place where one lives! And let people regard as their home, as their place of living not only their flat or house but the entire planet!

“The western people are quite close today to this understanding: vegetarianism and the Green movement are accepted by a number of them.

“But it is necessary to supplement this with the understanding of one’s own responsibility for the state of the soul. One has to explain to people how the states of the soul influence the material plane.

“When waste oil is dumped into a river or sea — everyone understands the destructiveness of this process. But dark emotions of anger, aggression, hatred radiated by human consciousness to the surrounding space is a similar phenomenon: they create negative places of power where such people live or just sit to have a rest. And other people, who happened to be nearby, get sick!

“And if such states of hatred toward people of other faith or views are incited in masses by leaders-devils, then this results in various kinds of inquisition: human associations for destroying otherwise-minded people. And then wars occur — small or big.

“Everyone living on the Earth has to accept responsibility for the state of the soul in which they live and which they give to other souls!

“And then much can change. People would cease to waste their lives for producing things destructive for humanity. They would understand the mechanism of how wars and terrorism originate. They would not teach children anymore to hate and to kill: for example, they would not produce computer games in which children learn to shoot and to destroy; they would not fill TV, cinema, and books with images of violence and killing. These things poison the health and destinies of children, the destinies of future generations!

“Let the beauty of the Earth and creative work, harmony and purity — become moral standards!”

* * *

“… Know, O man, you are only a soul! The body is nothing! The soul is everything! Let not your body be a fetter!

“Think not that man is born for the earthly! Though born on the Earth, he is a light-like spirit! Yet, without true knowledge he can never become free!

“Light is the Source of all the life; for without the Great Light nothing can ever exist!

“Know, Light is the basis of all formed matter.

“Know, O man, that all space is filled by worlds within worlds.

“Know that throughout the space the eternal and infinite Consciousness exists. Though from superficial knowledge It is hidden, yet still forever exists.

“They — Great — abide also inside you. You can cognize Them — in your spiritual heart. Yet They exist independent of the world of matter — in Their spatial dimesion.”