New Ecopsychology
or Spiritual Ecology


Published by
New Atlanteans (Canada),

ISBN: 978-1-8975-1016-2

© Antonov V.V., 2008

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Higher Methods

The higher spiritual practices provide one’s further development — as the spiritual heart — far beyond the body and cocoon. We have to try to transform ourselves into universal spiritual hearts!

This Path — if everything is done correctly — represents the realization of Jesus Christ’s precept: “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth!” (John 4:24)

That is we have to come to meet Him — the Universal Consciousness of the Creator — being free from material bondage, pure, refined up to His level and developed to “decent” sizes for a meeting like this.

At this stage worthy adepts can master a large number of methods that allow them:

— to cognize the Holy Spirit in all His manifestations within one’s own expanded spiritual heart and to learn how to become Him;

— to “raise” Kundalini and to merge this individual Atmic energy with Paramatman — the Universal Consciousness of God-the-Father;

— to cognize all major eons of the universe;

— to learn how to get into the Abode of the Creator and to merge with Him there;

— upon successfully establishing in this state, one may receive from God-the-Father the right to control the matter, including dematerialization and materialization of one’s own body.

Pranava. “Birth” and “Maturing” in the Holy Spirit

Speaking in the terms that Jesus Christ used when teaching His disciples-apostles, the baptism in the Holy Spirit is the latihan meditation that we described above.

But the next, deeper, stage of cognizing Him — “birth” and “maturing” in Him — is performed in another meditation called Pranava. This was exactly what Jesus tried to talk about with Nicodemus (John 3:1-21). Philip the Apostle spoke in detail about the same in the parable manner [6,11].

To perform this meditation, we need to find a place auspicious from the energetic standpoint, which would be open, without houses and trees (it can be a beach or sandbank, steppe, mountains, etc.). At this place, we exit from anahata through chitrini as far back as possible, expand as a consciousness there, feel the Living Light of Love of the Holy Spirit — and, having infused ourselves into Him, start moving forward together with Him as one Flow passing by and through the body. The body is as if in a huge river. Let it get washed through and become absolutely transparent.

This meditation can be repeated many times: the Holy Spirit is always happy to help the worthy ones. Performing the meditation will be easier if it is accompanied by the wonderful Orthodox prayer-meditation Heavenly Tsar or the mantra AUM.

This meditation can be translated from the Church Slavonic language like this:

“Heavenly Tsar, the Consoler, the Spirit of Truth!

“Omnipresent and All-pervading!

“Treasury of all good and Source of all life!

“Come and abide in us!

“And cleanse us of all impurity!

“And save our souls, oh Blissful One!”

We sing this meditation while moving in Pranava.

The mantra AUM (or OM) in reality sounds like AOUM. One should sing it delicately, in a prolonged manner and in a high-pitched voice (just like the mantra for anahata), also while moving in Pranava. (Growling of the OM sound in coarse voices, which is practiced in some ignorant pseudo-religious companies — is a “singing for the devil” but not for the Holy Spirit).

In the future we have to learn to stop in the Pranava meditation being merged with the Holy Spirit and being aware of ourselves as a part of Him.

The Holy Spirit can be cognized in His more subtle manifestation. One does it also in the Pranava meditation, but performed in a slightly different way.

This time we exit back from anahata not horizontally but down at an angle of approximately forty degrees. In other words, we find ourselves below the Earth surface — and discover there a layer of more subtle Living Light. And then, just as we did while performing the first variant of the Pranava meditation, we start moving as a Flow in the forward-upward direction around and through the body.

As we master Mergence with this Light of the Holy Spirit, we may discover that He prevails inside our planet except its core.

One has to explore Him by filling Him with oneself as anahata — both in front and behind the vertical plane, which coincides with the back of the standing body.

The next levels of “birth” and “maturing” are to be performed in the Divine Fire, which we will talk about a little later.

About Self-Healing

If one learns, while performing the Pranava meditation, to stop and concentrate oneself behind the body — one may insert a hand of the consciousness in it and eliminate all energetic disharmonies.

Also, if you are merged with the Holy Spirit and concentrate at about 2 meters behind your body — then from this position you may become capable of seeing and controlling demons (non-incarnate people or animals with evil character traits) that may be living in human bodies. If you look in this manner through your own body at the body of a possessed person, it becomes possible to talk to these demons, which cannot ignore the Holy Spirit’s questions and must respond. They will tell why God sent them into the body of this person: what are his or her faults and karmic liabilities. If the patient realizes his or her problems, repents and improves — you may ask the spirits (in a kind way!) to move to some other place, where they would feel good. For example, you may ask a fish which the patient killed a long time ago, to go live in a lake, if it is a bird — you may talk it into moving to the forest, in case of a pig or a dog you may describe in glowing terms how great it would be for them to incarnate again in auspicious conditions, etc.

All spirits are under the control of the Holy Spirit and obey Him. But in order to succeed in doing this type of healing, one has to never leave the state of the Holy Spirit.

This kind of healing is an opposite of the attempts to drive out demons by hating and cursing them during special sessions (these methods are called exorcism). This is not only ineffective from the standpoint of healing, but it also results in coarsening of those exorcists and thus determines hell to be their abode after they leave their bodies. Such “demons exhorting sessions” belong to the realm of black magic; they are anti-Christian in essence: for Jesus Christ taught love, not hate.

Total Reciprocity (Nirodhi)

But the complete mergence with the Holy Spirit can be achieved only through mastering the meditation of total reciprocity (Nirodhi, in Buddhist terms). While performing this meditation, the consciousness enters the state of “non-I” and becomes All; as a result, the individual lower self vanishes.

There is absolutely no way to explain this in words. But this state can be easily attained at special places of power.

Mastering of the above said means attainment of Nirvana in Brahman, which Krishna called upon us to do in the Bhagavad Gita [6,11].

Baptism in the Divine Fire

The next stage of cognition of the depth of the multidimensional Absolute implies cognition of the subtlest Divine Fiery Manifestation.

Thus God-the-Father manifests Himself to His worthy disciples who attained proper refinement of the consciousness — in a gigantic anthropomorphic (resembling human body) Flaming form, which does not burn them.

In this Fiery Form, Ishvara is also described in the Bhagavad Gita [11] by Arjuna who saw Him like that: “I behold You… like a blazing flame or a dazzling Sun, You radiate the rays of light hard to look at!” (chapter 11:17) and “If the shining of a thousand Suns blazed forth in the sky, it would be comparable to the Glory of this Great Soul!” (chapter 11:12).

Chaitanya told us about this Fire: “Fire is a functional state of the Consciousness that lives in the Abode of the Creator”.

Sathya Sai Baba told us the same: “Fire is not an independently existing state, but that State of Mine, which those Who have cognized Me can see when I enter the world of the Creation”.

The total and steady submerging of the consciousness of a spiritual aspirant into the Divine Fire and mergence with It result in “burning” of all remnants of karma. And “burning” the body throughout with this Fire brings about the complete healing of the body.

We have to learn to merge with this state of God, by filling His entire form with ourselves as spiritual hearts.

Yet, God does not help everyone in doing this but only His worthy disciples whom He selects.

The Root

The Divine Fire can be also cognized in another way: It is always present in that part of our planet from which its creation began — its core.

The baptism in the Divine Fire can be accepted there as well. And by moving deeper in the multidimensionality scale — under the Fiery component of the planet’s core — one can get into the highest spatial dimension and cognize the Primordial Consciousness there for the first time.

For every one of us, the passage to the Abode of the Creator is the energy root that connects the anahata chakra with the highest spatial dimension. By passing along this root, those who accumulated proper amount of power in subtlety and learned to enter the highest lokas can cognize God-the-Father.

Krishna was talking about the root in the Bhagavad Gita.

Chinese Taoists work with this structure, calling it “the stem of the golden flower”.

Through this root Tibetan yogis using tummo methods raise Divine Fire to the body [22,27].

One may also find mentioning of the same structure in Agni Yoga (Leaves of the Morya’s Garden. Call [40]).

God suggested a meditative image for working with the root through the apostle Paul for us (Romans 11:18).

But the majority of people are sure that deep inside the Earth there is… hell and that God is… “up there” (relative to our round-shaped planet)…

… I see that for a materialist it is hard to imagine that someone can get to the center of the Earth: since the Earth is associated with something “solid” in the mind.

But the one who has advanced on the spiritual Path and mastered entering the highest — the subtlest — eons, sees our planet as a multi-layer sphere of Living Light-Love where one can move from one layer (eon) to another, dissolve oneself in each of them, collect oneself into an individual consciousness again, accept various forms of different sizes, as well as flow beyond the “islet” of our planet into the Universal Ocean of the Infinity and dissolve in It…

But in order to make this happen, one has to become free from the tamas guna, to move through rajas and sattva, and then to come to the direct communication with God — as an immortal consciousness free from the chains of the body, full of zeal for mergence with the Main Beloved.

In reality, this religious Path, which God calls Straight Path (Vajrayana), does not even slightly resemble any ritual religious form where people fear death of their bodies and mourn over those who left their bodies already, where they love themselves and are enslaved by their gluttony so much that they consider killing animals and eating their bodies their inherent right…

… It does not matter where we cognize God in His Fiery form for the first time: be it through the Fiery core of our planet or in a Fiery Mahadouble. But it is necessary to go through both.

“Raising” of Kundalini

Before we can enter the Abode of the Creator, we have to complete another significant stage of work — “raising” of Kundalini.

Kundalini is Atmic (of Divine level of subtlety) energy of consciousness that everyone accumulated in all the best moments of all their previous incarnations. It is produced and accumulated when we are in the states of tender and refined love. But this energy does not get embodied every time the incarnating part of the soul (jiva) enters into its new body, but is “stored” in a sort of “money-box”, whose shape resembles an elongated balloon.

The size of this structure, when it is developed, is measured by kilometers; it is located in the corresponding subtlest eon inside our planet at the level of its mantle. The size of Kundalini correlates with the level of evolutionary maturity of the soul.

Kundalini and jiva of each man represent an integrated system, being connected together by a special energy canal, which is attached to the lower front part of muladhara.

Only those people can “raise Kundalini” up to their bodies and use it in spiritual work who have accumulated a sufficient amount of this energy, i.e. mature and worthy of entering the Abode of God-the-Father and Merging with Him.

So, as it must have become clear for the reader by now, Kundalini is not located in the muladhara chakra and all the more it does not have anything to do with the coccyx, as some authors write in their books. And the “raising of Kundalini” can be attained neither by beating the coccyx against the floor nor by jerky dancing. Exercises on “raising Kundalini” that Rajneesh was teaching his admirers were nothing but jokes.

The true “raising of Kundalini” can be performed only after completing the preparatory stages of work, which were described in this book, at special places of power (or without them) with the help of a competent spiritual Master or directly by a non-incarnate Divine Teacher.

The purpose of the “raising of Kundalini” is: first — to merge this accumulated individual Atmic energy with the Creator (Paramatman), second — to perform “burning through” of the body cells with the Atmic energy that heals and transforms them, and third — to learn to identify oneself with Atman. The latter becomes possible when Kundalini has come through the body (this must be performed in horizontal position; the body lying on the back) and formed a new energy accumulation behind sahasrara.

It follows from the above said that before starting to “raise Kundalini” one has to think twice.

If the energy of Kundalini is transferred into Paramatman, the person (as an individuality) loses it. And the only correct way out of this situation for such an adept is to merge the jiva with the Creator in the current incarnation. If this does not happen (for example, if the adept, who has not become well established in subtlety, reverts to coarse emotional states because of a certain reason) — the next time he or she incarnates, it will be without this invaluable energy potential and the person will have to accumulate it again starting from scratch.

Entering the Abode of the Creator

The Universal Abode of the Creator is saturated with the state of His Great Tender Peace. The shine in the Abode resembles the state of calm and warm delicate morning sunlight.

This state is opposite to the “black world” of the devil eon saturated with “sticky” coarseness and spite; getting stuck in it gives one a false sensation of rude and violent might… This can tempt someone… But we do not need this!

The Abode of the Creator is not a Void in the literal sense of this word. Void (Vacuum) is just an incorrect translation of the Buddhist term that reflected the Reality somewhere in the past. And this incorrect translation led many people into temptation — both non-Buddhists and those who consider themselves Buddhists.

It does look absurd for a sound religious person: to aspire not to God but to the Void… Therefore, numerous followers of Buddhist tradition get lost in the “Buddhistic” terminological labyrinths, and having no correct understanding of the Truth, lose an incentive to strive for the Primordial Consciousness.

As a result, the “house” of Buddhism collapsed with time into numerous sects, the majority of which do not have the highest knowledge.

But the term Void should be translated in a different way — in this case everything becomes easy to understand for a warrior who stands on a Threshold of the Abode of Adibuddha.

… The Abode of the Creator is on the other side of a miraculous barrier, which can be compared to a mirror. His Abode is truly in the Transmirror Realm*. In order to take worthy disciples in there, a Divine Teacher gives them His or Her Mahadouble as a Yidam. And there, where the Mahadouble comes out from, the disciples can merge in Love with the Father of the Universe and gradually cognize His Total Cosmic Universal Greatness…

… This state is quite reversible. The only distinct feature of the body of the person who become established in the Abode is that the Light of Love constantly shines out of it and it carries a field of Calm around itself.

Spiritual warriors feel themselves guests in the Abode first. But then the next phase begins — the phase of serving as the Holy Spirit, as a Representative of God-the-Father.