New Ecopsychology
or Spiritual Ecology


Two Revelations

At 16 years of age:

Well, Larisa… Now an end of your carefree life has come! All exams are over; the graduation party will take place soon. You are holding a gray book — a certificate of school graduation.

The childhood has ended! It went away forever! Another stage of your life begins — the one which requires more responsibility. Now it is time to choose your way of life — don't hurry with making this choice. Take your time!

Much will change in your destiny. Remember that the way your life will be formed depends on how you enter your life, how you make your first steps.

So, step firmly! Be sure of yourself!

I also want to give you advice:

Be concerned with yourself least of all!

Try to live easily, not “dragging the burden of life”!

And may you find true, pure Love in your life! Be happy in it!

At 44 years of age:

Look: everything you dreamed about in your life can become real!

You dreamed about harmony and justice in this world. Now you know that these principles are the basis of the laws of the universe. Comply with them!

You dreamed about Love — pure, big, true. I am the Love itself! And it is Me Who loves you with this Love! Become Me!

You dreamed about tenderness. And now — the entire Ocean of Tenderness is before you. Enter and dissolve in Me!

You dreamed about quietness and peace of the soul. In My Depth — there is Infinite Peace. Immerse yourself into Me!

You dreamed about finding support and protection, about becoming confident of yourself, in order to feel yourself protected. I offer you My Shield: behind it you will find an inexhaustible Source of My Strength! Become Me and take this Shield!

You dreamed about being useful to people. Now you have such an opportunity. Learn from Me, become wise, act like Me — and then your help will be a blessing to people!

So what are you waiting for? Why do you linger? Break the shell of your isolation with your own hands! Allow all these to happen!

And then nothing will be able to prevent you from fulfilling all your dreams!


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